Sports Betting in Zambia 2023?

If you reside in Zambia and are interested in sports betting, our review may give you the right information you need about this. In other words, we talk about sportsbooks, their most popular services, as well as some rules based on which betting sites are regulated.

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Is Sports Betting Legal in Zambia?

Briefly answered, it is. Sports betting is legal in Zambia. Before starting to place bets, you must find a brand that is legal. You can do so by checking whether a bookmaker has a legal operating licence.

Also, you are allowed to bet on sports in Zambia only if you are of legal age. The age limit for your country is specified by the law issued by the government.

Top Sports to Bet on in Zambia

On a global level, there are plenty of sports events at your disposal when betting in Zambia. Still, we focus on the most famous ones, as you can read about them down below.

⚽ Football Betting

We may say that football is the most popular sport in Zambia. There are plenty of cups, leagues, contests, and tournaments on which you can bet. The aforementioned football events comprise both the Zambian football competitions and the ones held worldwide.

🏀 Basketball Betting

Apart from football, you will have an opportunity to bet on basketball games, too. Betting on basketball usually involves some very popular leagues, such as the NBA, Euroleague, and the like.

🥊 Boxing Betting

Another well-known sport in this area is boxing. Finding an online sportsbook that lists boxing as one of the available sports in its online sport betting section is a pretty easy thing to do in Zambia. This fact only further suggests that boxing is very famous in this region.

Zambia Sports Betting Guide

Best Bonus Codes in Zambia

At times, some bookmakers may offer you a chance to use a bonus code during your registration process. The usage of promo codes is a method that facilitates a sign up procedure. Sometimes, it may happen that a bookie lets you use a promotional code when opting for a bonus offer.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that using a bonus code will change the potential bonus amount. Also, using a promo code is not the only thing you have to do in order to redeem an offer. Each bonus offer comes together with a set of specific terms and conditions you must meet to claim it.

What using a promotional code when selecting a bonus does is that it automatically relates a certain bonus code to a particular bonus offer. This further suggests that you will already be in for a specific promotion right after creating your account with a bonus code.

Speaking of the welcome bonus offers, you will come across plenty of them on bookies’ sites in Zambia. This type of bonus is reserved solely for bettors who register some operator’s site for the first time.

Bonuses for new users usually include more betting options, and can largely add to your sports betting experience. For example, some brands may feature free bets as part of their offers.

Top Sports Betting Markets in Zambia

The online sports betting process implies a couple of steps you should take. One of them pertains to the selection of betting markets. Betting markets represent the potential outcomes of sports events.

With that said, we firmly believe that having the most well-liked betting markets at your fingertips can greatly influence your betting process. The following passages give a short analysis of them.


The 1X2 betting market is about either the home or away team winning, or the event ending in a tie. This is one of the most common and widely known markets out there.

Correct Score

This market is pretty self-explanatory. It implies predicting the exact number of points or goals that both teams will score during the entire game period.


Choosing the over/under market when placing bets involves the prediction of some match aspects. For instance, you can place a bet predicting that there will be more than 2.5 goals in total in a match.

Besides betting markets, we advise you to look up odds when placing bets. The odds show how likely something is to happen in a sports game. However, different operators may not offer identical odds for the same betting market. Owing to that fact, we recommend that you compare odds from multiple sites prior to betting.

Top Sports Betting Events Zambia

The sports sections on many bookies’ websites contain numerous interesting events for you to choose from. As mentioned earlier, the most popular sport in Zambia is football. There is a large number of football tournaments, cups, and leagues.

Based on the Zambian users’ interest, we’ve come to the conclusion that the most popular football competitions in this area are the World Cup, AFCON, and Champions League, as well as the elite English Premier League.

What’s more, some operators may provide you with the possibility to use the live streaming service. This feature enables you to watch live sporting events on a brand’s website.

Furthermore, this can help you get a clear picture of the atmosphere of a match, after which you can place your bets accordingly. Yet another important element of every bookmaker is the availability of a mobile app. Mobile apps allow you to enjoy sports betting regardless of your location.

On top of that, using a mobile app usually means that you can get your hands on any service, feature, or option that is also available on a certain bookie’s desktop website.

About Responsible Gambling

One of the most crucial factors related to sports betting is the responsible gambling policy. Each and every legal bookie possesses a separate responsible gambling section on its website.

There, you can get information about how to set deposit limits, along with how to take timeouts and do reality checks. Getting to know all this is extremely important as it may prevent users from developing a gambling addiction.