New improved software for Everest Poker

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Everest Poker logoEverest Poker is one of the long-standing leading names in online poker and gaming.

The site has recently updated and revamped their software and it is now available for registered customers of Everest Poker to download.

The new advanced software includes even more features to improve and enhance the Everest Poker experience.

The new features of the software are listed and explained below.

Poker toast notifications

Poker toastThis new feature of the software sends notifications to players when it is their turn to play. This way Everest Poker players can surf the internet or do other things when it is not their turn, and then receive the non-intrusive message when it is.

The unique feature helps players to remain alert and focused on the poker game even when they have navigated away from the poker software.

Time Bank for cash games

Time BankThis new feature from Everest Poker is a new feature especially created to give players more time to decide when playing cash games.

After members download the software they can choose to set the time bank to start automatically when the default time runs out.

The default time is 20 seconds and any left over time is saved to use in the future.

Re-Entry tournaments

reentry tournamentsThis new function allows players to re-enter into tournaments even if they were already eliminated. Players can now re-enter into tournaments that have the green re-entry icon next to them by simply buying back in.

The Everest Poker re-entry is different from other re-buy tournaments as it allows players to buy into a whole new different table with a fresh set of chips.

Multi Entry tournaments

multi entryThe feature gives Everest Poker members the opportunity to register for the same tournament several times giving members more chances to land big cash prizes.

Multiple entries will always be distributed at different tables

New Avatars

The sites offers the option of new and interesting avatars for customers.

These include the dangerous gangster, the mighty king, the scary shark, the femme fatale or the brace cowboy.

Letting members personify a alter-ego adds even more fun to the site.

Everest Poker Welcome Promo

At the moment, Everest poker are offering members wishing to register a special welcome bonus offer with our exclusive promo code.

The exclusive welcome bonus rewards members with £20 when they deposit an initial sum of £20 plus £10 free in poker chips when they download the new software.

For new customers interested in joining Everest Poker use our dedicated link here to access our promo code. 

Want to try Everest's award winning poker software and advanced options for yourself? Create an account on the platform or log in to your existing one through this link.

New improved software for Everest Poker
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