Sports Betting in Kenya 2023

Players interested in learning more about sports betting in Kenya are in the right palace. Here, readers can learn the basics about betting on sports in Kenya.

The goal is to provide interested readers and bettors with valid and regularly updated information about the basics of betting on sports, the latest bonus codes, offers, and other crucial information. Continue reading for more information.

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Is Sports Betting Legal in Kenya?

Yes, sports betting is legal in Kenya, and users have several options. There are several brick-and-mortar operators in the region. Furthermore, the brands from the region have to be associated with one of the physical brands in the area to offer online services.

However, players from Kenya can utilise an international online sportsbook. Many offshore sportsbooks offer their services legally in Kenya, and bettors will easily find a suitable option. The advantage of international sites is that they are very popular and bring a lot of diversity.

Players can also use their mobile phones to access some of the available operators. If a brand offers a mobile app, players can use it and still get the most out of the operator. An alternative for operators without a mobile app is a mobile-friendly website, which allows users to access the website through almost any mobile device’s browser.

Sports Betting in Kenya

Top Sports to Bet on in Kenya

Online sport betting is prevalent in Kenya, and bettors have the option to bet on a variety of sports, depending on the operator. Each operator will have a unique list of sports. However, the majority of operators will offer the most popular options, and those include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • Cricket

In the following section, we go into detail about the most popular options, football, basketball, and rugby. The mentioned will usually come with the most diverse sports betting markets, and competitive odds.

⚽ Football Betting

Football is by far the most popular sport in Kenya. Both fans and bettors enjoy a good football game. With that in mind, online sportsbooks in the region will offer a variety of leagues, including the Premier League, Champions League, Bundesliga, Serie A, etc.

Betting on football is easy to understand. However, players will have to do some research in order to find suitable betting markets. Even with detailed research and analysis, there is no guarantee that the predictions will be correct.

Another important element to understand and look for in a brand are additional features. Many bettors prefer to find live betting, live streaming, cash-out, bet builder, and other elements. Football betting comes with the most diverse betting options, which is why it is so popular in Kenya.

🏀 Basketball Betting

Similarly, basketball betting is another trendy betting option in Kenya. The section comes with numerous betting options, but the most popular are, aside from the standard 1×2, player points, over-under, and other markets.

The most popular league by far is the NBA. Not only in Kenya, but around the world, the NBA is regarded as one of the strongest basketball leagues, so it is no wonder that it attracts so many bettors around the world.

🏉 Rugby Betting

Last but not least, rugby is another very popular sport for betting in Kenya. There are numerous popular leagues, and depending on the operator, players might come across numerous features and elements of rugby betting. For more information and available options, check out one of the international operators in the region.

Best Bonus Codes in Kenya

One of the most sought features when joining a new operator is the welcome bonus. The bonus offer is one of the most popular promotions for many players around the world. Nowadays, new users can also use a bonus code, if available, and complete the requirements to redeem a bonus amount.

The bonus code is a combination of letters and numbers which customers can enter while registering, and in some cases, after creating an account. However, the bonus code alone is not enough to redeem the bonus amount. Instead, players need to meet the complete requirements of the bonus.

Aside from the welcome offer, an operator might offer other promotions. The most common bonus includes giving customers a chance to redeem free bets. Just like with the welcome bonus, to redeem any available promotions, players have to complete the requirements.

sports betting in kenya

Top Sports Betting Markets in Kenya

When talking about online sports betting in Kenya, readers should know more about the top betting markets. There are too many betting markets to count, and each sports section comes with a unique list of options. 

With that in mind, players will want to visit one of the operators and review the list of available options. Or, check out the following section for some of the most common options.


The 1X2 market is the simplest market to understand, and it is available for almost all sports. The market requires bettors to make a prediction on the outcome of the game. 

Thus, the options are for either the home team or the away team to win, or for the game to end in a draw. Although, some sports simply don’t have a draw option for the final result.

Goals/Points Markets

Another common market includes betting on the number of scored points or goals. In football, players can make bets on the number of goals, and in basketball, on the number of points.

With this market, bettors need to make a prediction on the number of goals/points, using one of the lines. For example, in football, users can place a bet on three or more goals in a game. Thus, if the two teams score three or more goals in a game, the prediction is correct.


Handicap betting includes having a positive or negative addition to a team in order to even the odds. Thus, the favourite team will have a negative handicap, meaning they will have to win with the deduced margin. The underdogs will have a positive margin, which means if they lose the game, but win with the margin, the prediction is correct.


There are also numerous special markets relating to different sports. For example, bettors can bet on the number of points a player will have in a single basketball game. Similarly, there is also the number of yellow cards in a football game, the number of wickets in cricket, and other unique elements for almost any sports section.

Again, the availability of such markets depends entirely on the operator. Thus, some operators might have some additional options other brands don’t have.

Top Sports Betting Events Kenya

As mentioned, on the list of the most popular sports in Kenya, players will find football, basketball, rugby, cricket, and many more. However, Kenyan players also have preferences when it comes to competitions. The most popular competitions include Afcon, World Cup betting, Champions League, Premier League, T20, and the Kenyan Premier League.

Bettors also find betting on Kenyan football players an interesting element of sports betting. The nation produced numerous superstars across several sports sections. However, the most popular Kenyan players are footballers.

Responsible Gaming

Sports betting is not a guaranteed method of creating income. Players should know about the dangers of sports betting before joining any online operator in the region. The danger of gambling addiction is a serious problem, and in case of any issues, users should get immediate assistance.

Each operator provides their customers with a quick method of getting help. The Safer Gambling section informs users of the potential dangers of betting and gives access to the appropriate services which offer assistance for any player who has problems with addiction.